FS1 Room No. 1

Room No. 1 — Bright & Boho

Room No. 1 is decorated in a light and jovial Bohemian fashion. Pale fabrics and woods meet textural bouclés and rotan.

Room No. 2 — Mid-Century Mood

Room No. 2 is decorated in a dark and sophisticated Mid-Century nod. Rich woods, earthy fabrics, and supple leathers combine to create a romantic and mature environment.

Room No. 3 — Contemporary Cottage

Room No. 3 is decorated in a clean and cozy Contemporary Cottage style. Light and bright, with farmhouse materials and subtle nods to Roanoke’s pastoral periphery, this room provides a quaint home-away-from-home.

Room No. 4 — 1907

Room No. 4 is our tribute to 1907 and the era in which Fire Station One was originally commissioned. Rich, warm woods, vibrant leathers, pops of brass, and an antique chandelier pay homage to the fire station’s grand intentions.

Room No. 5 — Urban Oasis

Room No. 5 is a lush and airy intersection of history and modernity. Matte black metal, brass, and vibrant greenery are nested in a long, tall room.

Room No. 6 — Parisian Studio

Room No. 6 is a light-filled nod to contemporary Parisian living. Chocolate-colored floors, tall white walls, and grand windows with views of the patio garden stun the visual senses.

Room No. 7 — Luxury Loft

Room No. 7 is a clean, white haven of comfort and class. Soft sandalwood, gleaming metallics, and plush pale fabrics define this upscale palette.